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Appealing due to its relative low level access and interesting cross platform support.

  • Xbox 360 support.
  • Xbox 360 Controller on Windows.
  • Xbox 360 Chatpad on Xbox 360.
  • Windows Phone 7 support.

  • Missing buffered input support.
  • Missing Xbox 360 Chatpad support on Windows.
  • User interface will be a lot more work.

XNA is very impressive and a breeze to use compared to DirectX. Although low level compared to Silverlight and WPF, it doesn't go low enough sometimes and needs to surface more DirectX features.

Apple or Setting Key Keyboard Binding Gamepad or Chatpad Binding
OpenApple LeftAlt or NumPad0 LeftShoulder
CloseApple RightAlt or [NumPad]Decimal RightShoulder
Reset Control+Back LeftStick+Start
CpuThrottle Control+[NumPad]Divide LeftStick+D8
VideoMonochrome Control+[NumPad]Multiply LeftStick+D9
VideoFullscreen Control+[NumPad]Subtract LeftStick+D0

The current implementation does not have any sound on Xbox 360. Also it does not support browsing for disk images.



Windows Phone 7 Emulator

Xbox 360

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