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Appealing due to its potential reach, but has been the most frustrating to use, probably due to bleeding edge, high expectations and the inevitable comparisons to WPF.

  • Mac OS X support.
  • Linux support (Moonlight 3).
  • Mobile support (Windows Phone 7).
  • Dynamic sound buffer support.

  • Missing RenderOptions BitmapScalingMode (NearestNeighbor) for image scaling.
  • Missing direct access to keyboard state.
  • Missing caps lock key state from event handlers.
  • Out of Browser mode cannot control the window and does not support caching framework extension assemblies.

I prefer running out of browser, but this mode has a few issues to work through. The key bindings are a little messy since the browser tends to hijack the keys I'd prefer to use and the lowest common denominator rules:

Apple or Setting Key Keyboard Binding
OpenApple Alt or NumPad0
CloseApple Windows or [NumPad]Decimal
Reset Control+Back
CpuThrottle Control+[NumPad]Divide
VideoMonochrome Control+[NumPad]Multiply
VideoFullscreen Control+[NumPad]Subtract (OOB)

The UI is rudimentary but supports selecting local disk images at runtime.



Mac OS X

Windows Phone 7 Emulator

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